Carlsberg Golf Free Clinics  

In the spirit of betterment, Carlsberg will be offering free golf clinics hosted by BGA. In these classes, golfers will be able to learn the fundamentals of their long game, short game, and putting. 

  • There will be four clinic sessions every Tuesday before a Carlsberg event starting on February 5th from 4 pm - 6 pm at Long Vien Golf Club. The dates for the first four sessions are as follows;

    • 5th February

    • 12th February

    • 19th February

    • 26th February

  • In Addition, there will be two more sessions held at SEA Games Golf Club (Booyoung) from 4 pm - 6 pm on the following dates:

    • 16th March

    • 23rd March


Here's what you can expect from our free Clinics:

  • Full Swing Clinics

    • In these classes, we will be developing the fundamentals of a solid golf swing.

    • We will ensure the foundations of a good set up, which includes grip, posture and alignment.

    • We will explain the necessary body motion that every Golf Professional makes to develop natural power and consistency.

    • The main aim is to develop a swing that will create a consistent contact and flight of the golf ball.


  • Short Game Sessions

    • In these classes, we cover the three main short game shots that every good golfer must have. 

    • A standard chip shot that is necessary for every golfer.

    • High-percentage shots that will help your short game and ultimately lower scores. 

    • Moreover, a high lob shot to get you out of trouble when chipping over a bunker and to help stop the ball in a smaller landing area.


  • Putting

    • Putting makes up 40% of your score and is crucial to your game.

    • We will cover the fundamentals of a sound putting technique and also teach you how to read the green and gauge the speed of a putt. 


NOTE: class is limited to 20 students and will be a first come first serve basis.



For more information on the clinics, please contact us at +856 20 56 789 790 or

93 Thadeua Rd

Ban Sounemone, Vientiane

Tel: +856 20 28 928 956


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