WGA's Handicap System  

Use the table below to determine the number of Handicap Differential(s) to use:

What is the cost of obtaining a Handicap Index?

The cost for golfers over the age of 18 is charged a fee of 250,000 LAK per year.

The cost for junior golfers age 18 or under is charged a fee of 80,000 LAK per year.


What happens after you register?

Within 24 hours the player will receive an email from BlueGolf regarding their new account information. The player will then have two options; login through wgalaos.org on the Handicap tab, or download the World Golf Asia app from the app store (ios) or the Google play store (Android) and log in through there. From either the app or the web console, players will be able to post their scores, view their handicap index, see others' handicap index via the search bar, as well as upcoming tournaments.

For instructions on how to post scores, please visit the FAQ page.

NOTE: The player will not receive an email from BlueGolf if there is no payment made. 

The player will also receive a membership card like the sample below. 

Renewal Process

Once the renewal date is near, players will receive an email from BlueGolf regarding their membership expiry date. Players will then have to make a payment to WGA through BCEL Transfer to renew their membership. Additional registration won't be necessary for this renewal process. 


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